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Profit-Wise Retailers are Cashing in. You Should Too.


Gift shops, craft stores, card stores, flower shops, stationery shops, bookstores and more: increase your profits by selling Words to the Rescue.


“One of the fastest selling books we’ve ever carried.”

“It sells itself.”

“We’re delighted with the response.”

“Our books are blowing out the door.”

“The perfect title.” “All I can say is wow!”

This little 5" x 7" book sells just about anywhere, because it solves a problem just about everyone experiences.  If your customers are looking for unique low cost gifts, you’ve found the perfect thing.

Wholesale Pricing

To receive wholesale pricing, please e-mail us with your store                                                 name and federal tax ID. Suggested retail price: $10.95 per                                                       book. Wholesale price: $5 per book.


Free Compact Counter Displayer

To help stimulate sales, you receive a free 12-book counter

display with your first order of 24 books or more. (12 Words to

the Rescue / 12 Words to the Rescue 2.)







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